While there is a great deal of focus on reducing plastic waste around the world at present, some experts are urging us to look at other areas where we need to improve when it comes to our usage and recycling habits.

Dr Yves Plancherel, a new lecturer at the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London, recently explained that we need to start looking at how we can improve metal recycling rates if we’re going to meet demand for the materials in the future.

He also stressed that metals could be one of the next pollution problems the world faces, and that we should learn from our experiences with fossil fuels to start taking action now rather than waiting until it becomes a serious issue.

Metals such as zinc, copper, aluminium and nickel are used increasingly to produce everything from mobile phones to TVs, and demand for these products – and therefore these metals – is only set to increase.

“It is estimated that the demand for some metals will increase up to ten times in the coming decade,” he asserted. Dr Plancherel added that, even if recycling rates hit 100 per cent for metals, we still won’t have enough to meet demand.

In some areas people are being encouraged to think more carefully about recycling metal to ensure it is reused rather than buried in landfill. The Ely Standard recently highlighted a local initiative to get more households to recycle their metal packaging.

Any business that uses metal to produce its products should think carefully about where it’s coming from. If you need to hire metal processors, contact us to find out more about the equipment we have available.