We are proud to announce our new range of recycling equipment, specializing  in granulation and separation. We offer complete plant technology which is comprised of a shredder (single shaft or double dependent on the customers specification), a powerful granulation mill which produces homogeneous granules followed by an automatic pneumatic conveyor piping that takes all the Granules to the High Frequency Vibrating Table. As pictured above.

We also offer a range of machines that specialise in:

  • Tyre Recycling
  • Oil Filter Recycling
  • Engine Breaker with vibration table and magnet conveyor this splits down aluminium from ferrous on engine blocks and gear boxes
  • Electric motor splitter to recover the copper windings from motors/alternators
  • Plastic granulation
  • Cable granulation
  • Copper aluminium radiator granulation
  • WEE plants
  • Computer recycling