Here in Britain, we pride ourselves on giving equal opportunities to both men and women when it comes to jobs. However, not everywhere is as forward-thinking as the UK, and Russia is just beginning to allow females to take roles that were traditionally given to men.

Earlier this week, The Telegraph reported Labour Minister Maxim Topilin saying women in Russia will soon be allowed to operate heavy machinery, as well as drive trucks and trains, should they wish to.

These positions were on a list of 456 professions that were prohibited for females, including working with chemicals and operating dangerous vehicles. The list was written in 1974 to protect female workers’ health and last amended 18 years ago.

However, Mr Topilin told the TASS news agency that this could be further adapted in the near future.

“Adopting an amended list will give women more job opportunities,” he stated, adding: “A decree to that effect will be signed in the nearest future.”

This comes just two years after 30-year-old Svetlana Medvedeva was refused the chance to become a ship captain, having tried for four years to break into the industry. She took the case to the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, which agreed with Ms Medvedeva that she should have the same opportunity as any man.

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