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Products - ARJES - VZ 950DK TITAN

In nature the element Titan resembles stability, liability and sturdiness at comparable low weight. These key factors were the main drivers for the development of a new machine generation. Titan series shredders use adaptive technology to process different materials. By optimizing the machine concept and the associated production process, the investment costs could be made more attractive in the customer sense.

  • Best price-performane-ratio in its class – Up to 20% lower investment costs compared to the previous series
  • Quick-change shaft system for easy maintenance and reduced machine stops
  • Multiple material options with just two types of shafts
  • Tracks included in the price – increased mobility on every terrain!
  • Easy to transport and adjust – 20 % less weight compared to the previous series
Diesel Tracks (DK)

Diesel Tracks (DK)

For mobile use, we offer the version with track system. This allows the machine to be moved to a new location independently without any other equipment. This model is also designed for use in rough terrain. In addition, the chassis can be equipped with rubber track shoes to protect the surface. It is controlled by a multi-channel radio remote control.

Electric Drive (E-PU)

Electric Drive (E-PU)

For all situations where special requirements for exhaust and noise emissions apply, we offer a version with an electric engine (power unit). It is also possible to divide the shredder into several components in order to meet structurally relevant specifications.

Length (mm)10.800 / 11.500 (Transport)
Width (mm)3.000 / 3.000 (Transport)
Height (mm)4.300 / 3.600 (Transport)
Total weight (kg) 32.000
EngineVolvo Penta TAD1643VE
Emission stageEU Stage II/EPA Tier 2
Power (kW/PS)565/768
Fuel tank (l) 800
Torque (Nm)500.000
Hopper volume (m³)5
Shaft length (mm) 2.500
Shaft diameter (mm)800
Weight (kg/cassette)7.300
Rotational speed (U/min)15-45
Discharge height (mm)3.800
Width (mm)1.200
OptionsMagnet, Side belt

Waste Wood

Processing waste wood of categories A1 to A4 like demolition wood, cable drums and pallets for material or thermal recycling.

Biomass & Green Waste

For the effective use of organic solid resources in bio-power plants by processing green waste and tree branches.

Stem Wood & Roots

The massive material of stem wood, root stocks and logging residue is broken up first by our aggressive ripper hooks.

Waste & Plastics

Shredding domestic and industrial waste saves landfill space and enables sorting and separating of valuable ressources.

Scrap Metal & Cars

Reducing the volume of valuable ferrous and non-ferrous metals with specialized shafts and asynchronous drive.

C&D Debris

At construction sites debris like concrete, asphalt, tiles, etc. need to be reduced in volume to be processed and disposed.