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The triple-shaft system of the TriStar is based on a multi-stage cutting process. First, the primary shaft breaks the material into coarse chunks. Then the hydraulic bearing secondary shaft cuts the pre-shredded material into a precise final product. Due to the multi-stage cutting process, even the hardest material can be crushed with high precision and also eliminates the need for a secondary shredding pass. This makes it ideal for the processed material to pass quickly and directly to downstream stations for further processing.

  • Triple-shaft cutting process allows for a precise final product without the need for a secondary shredding pass
  • Powerful diesel engine with 768 hp
  • Two tilting hoppers for an optimal feeding of the material to the tool shafts
  • Automatic reversing function protects against fracture of the cutting tools
  • Low wear and maintenance costs and maintenance friendly modular design

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TriStar565 kW (768 hp) 11.400 x 2.500 x 3.700 2.00037.000
Waste & Plastics

Waste & Plastics

Shredding domestic and industrial waste saves landfill space and enables sorting and separating of valuable ressources.

Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal

Reducing the volume of valuable ferrous and non-ferrous metals with specialized shafts and asynchronous drive.