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Products - IDROMEC - Triple Baler IHD3C-5050

Triple Baler IHD3C-5050

One of the largest balers within the idromec range, the IHD3C-5050  baler uses a triple compression system to reduce the volume of metal sheets and thus reduces the transport & storage costs of the customer.

ProductTriple baler IHD3C-5050
Side ram force600 tonnes
Electric motor power4X90 Kw
Weight170 tonnes
General Features
Hopper dimensions: mm 3000×2400
Overall dimensions of the open compaction box: mm 3850x1450x1800
Bale size: mm 500x500xvariable
Side ejection door
The compaction box floor is made in grooved Hardox 450, completely replaceable high wear-resistant steel
The sidewall liners are made in Hardox 450 wear-resistant steel, corrugated and replaceable
Power unit with 4 highly efficient electric motors by 90 kw each
Max working pressure: 320/350 bar
4 heat exchangers for hydraulic oil cooling
Complete in-tank oil filtering
Hydraulic oil tank capacity: ca. 7500 Lt
Continuous automatic cycle controlled by PLC, alternatively through manual controls

Productive Capacity

  • Bale size: cm 50x50xvariable;
  • Average bale weight: 550-700 kg;
  • Average bale density: 2.4-3 t / m3
  • Average hourly production: 45/50 bales / hour
  • Average hourly production: 25/35 tons / hour