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Products - Gunther - TAKER TB-12

The universal one
The TAKER TB-12 conveyor belt dosing unit is especially suitable for lighter materials such as refused derived fuels, production waste but also mixed building rubble and wood, and even sticky and extremely pour-able materials such as top soil, sand and gravel.

Conveying unitDosing typeWorking widthCapacity (without optional wall elevation)Throughput by weightThroughput by volumeDensity of materials
Conveyor belt removal by support rollers Without dosing drum1.2 m3 m³ 200 t/h 400 m³/h50 kg/m³ - 1000 kg/m³
Options Available Upon Request
Hopper wall elevation
Weighing fixture
Customer-specific transfer hopper
Attached discharge conveyor with adjustable incline
Customer-specific support structures
Customer-specific conveying speeds
Control linking to upstream and downstream units
Scraper in transfer area
Custom paint coat