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Products - Gunther - TAKER T-18


  • Because of its size and solid design TAKER T-18 is the ideal solution for receiving and dosing large volumes of material.
  • Deliberately coordinated conveying speeds, flat, horizontal loading edge (both sides) as well as multiple equipment options make the T-18 flexible machine for the preparation of materials such as pruning residues, biomass, compost and tree bark.
Conveying unitDosing typeWorking widthCapacityThroughput by weightThroughput by volumeDensity of materials
Scraper floor with dual-sided plate link chain2 dosing drums1.80 m 20 m³ or 32 m³ 20 t/h to 200 t/h 30 m³/h to 300 m³/h 200 kg/m³ – 1000 kg/m³
Options Available Upon Request
Hopper wall elevation
Entry door
Climbing stairs
Filling level indicator
Weighing fixture
Central lubrication
Dual-sided drive for increased need of power
Various tools for loading the dosing drums
Steel foundation rising to 13°
Additional underfloor exhaust hood
Project-specific transfer hoppers
Customer-specific conveying speeds (up to fine dosing)
Control linking to upstream and downstream units
Custom paint coat