Static Side-Squeeze Shear Baler's

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Static Side-Squeeze Shear Baler’s

Idromec’s Side-Squeeze Series specializes in the compression of  heavy and bulky industrial scrap due to the power of the machine within this series, its throat size, and side-squeeze force. This series produces far greater tonnages than any other machinery in its class.

These machines deal with some of the most difficult materials out there, processing these with ease and efficiency

.The Side-Squeezes’ durable construction and design ensures the longevity and durability of this machine.

With replaceable, abrasion-resistant steel Hardox 400 liner plates, a greater box integrity is created that withstands the rigors of the scrap industry and lets you get on without producing your product.

The main lid works at more than 90° to achieve optimum compression even on the upper part of the box, with the aid of a single block shearing head from 800 to 1400 tonne.


Technical Data SL Series
Engine Power180 kW to 450kW
Shearing Force800 T to 1400 T
Bale Size900 x 700 mm
Box Length 7000mm to 9000mm
Bale Production (Ton's per hour)18 T/H to 45 T/H
Shearing Production (Ton's per hour)20 T/H to 43 T/H
Weight140T to 210T

General Features


I.R.C (Idromec Remote Control): the APP for remote monitoring of production status and performance of


 The designers have developed a network of sensors and software that allow performance monitoring and production progress of the shear baler.


Production of daily/monthly/yearly statistics to make clear choices on work and production organization.


Rapid and effective remote diagnostic test for an easy maintenance to lengthen the life of product.


Simplified reading of hydraulic and electrical installations in replacement of the display contained in the software. Making your shear baler accessible wherever you are.