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    Static Lid Press Shear Balers

    Our range of Static Lid Press Shear Balers are the pinnacle of cost efficiency without compromising on productive efficiency.

    This series of shear balers features powerful short-stroke rams that greatly reduce cycle times and allows the operator to concentrate on productivity instead of repetitive operational commands.

    This productivity enhancing procedure allows for these series of shear balers to be loaded during the compression cycle, effectively doubling the production capacity of the machine.

    Its rugged, self-framed construction design adds to its efficiency and longevity and allows for greater power to be applied to the working surfaces. It is expertly manufactured with Sierra’s innovative L-Box shaped design, replaceable abrasion-resistant steel Hardox 450 liner plates, and outer honeycomb construction create greater box integrity.

    This series of shear balers has been at the top of its class for more than 20 years with the majority of its design aspects staying unchanged except for the hydraulics, which has changed over the years to become more efficient as new advancements became available. 



    Technical DataStatic Lid Press
    Engine Power90kW to 450kW
    Shearing Force 500 T to 1400 T
    Bale Size 800mm x 600mm to 900mm x 700mm
    Box Length 5000mm to 9000mm
    Bale Production (per hour)14T/H to 45T/H
    Shearing Production (per hour)10T/H to 40T/H
    Weight 48 T to 165 T
    Additional Features Available Upon Request
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    General Features


    I.R.C (Idromec Remote Control): the APP for remote monitoring of production status and performance of


     The designers have developed a network of sensors and software that allow performance monitoring and production progress of the shear baler.


    Production of daily/monthly/yearly statistics to make clear choices on work and production organization.


    Rapid and effective remote diagnostic test for an easy maintenance to lengthen the life of product.


    Simplified reading of hydraulic and electrical installations in replacement of the display contained in the software. Making your shear baler accessible wherever you are.