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Products - Screenpod - SPS-122 Compact picking station

SPS-122 Compact picking station 

The Screenpod SPS-122 compact picking station combines the space conscientious design of its mobile counter part whilst also giving the durability static plant is renowned for. This is all whilst being fully mobile with its 4 jack legs, which allow for a trailer to easily be reversed under and therefore the SPS-122 relocated with ease. Our 2 bay compact picking station brings with it to any site assurance that the best safety procedures are being followed whilst also allowing for mobility in operation and efficient separation of any waste stream to ensure maximum value is added.

The driving force behind the design of  Screenpod’s picking station’s has always been to mix simplicity of operation with durability in operation. Now we can combine these key features with maneuverability, which stands to benefit all customers who may be space conscientious, wish to move away from a manual segregation of waste, toward a more streamlined means of processing. Mobile contractors and operators who require versatility all stand to benefit from the use of the SPS-122 Compact picking station over a static version.

Built with a range of applications in mind the SPS-122 Compact picking station can be fitted with a multitude of optional extras to meet the customers specifications.



General Features
2 x Bays
4 x Separate picking stations
2 x Access doors c/w access stairs and handrails
Air conditioning / Heating
Interior lighting
Support legs - can be hydraulically raised or lowered for ease of movement
3kW electric drive
Overband magnet
Air knife blower unit
Silent pack generator
Quick set up time
Can be fed by any screener or trommel
Variable speed control for picking belt