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  • The SPLITTER CONTAINER UNIT is a compacted version of the SPLITTER UNIT, with spacial awareness and performance to size efficiency at the core of this machines values
  • The SPLITTER Container unit can be delivered with two different SPLITTER sizes. The first SPLITTER unit is a separation cut of 0 >> 22/37 mm and the second option has a separation cut of 0>>15mm
  • Material charge can be done by a vibration channel or a launder channel
  • This machine can be used for the receiving of vacuum trucks or for a septage receiving station for example. Material feeding can be done dry or wet. The SPLITTER has a built in self-cleaning system thus there is no need for manual cleaning. Design of the SPLITTER could be FLAT for three different screen cut’s or as a WAVE with 2 different screen cut’s.

The SPLITTER CONTAINER UNIT is available in two different screen deck variants and offers the right screening solution for almost any material.

Option 1.) Flat Deck Screen






Option 2.) Wave Screen Deck

Option 3.) Twin Wave Deck

Screen DeckDimensionsOptions
Length/Width: 3 m or 2 m / 1,2 m or 1,5 mTransportOversized grain longitudinal conveyor
Drive Power: 2x4 kW bzw. 1x4 kW5,8x 2,22 x 2,21 mOversized grain cross conveyor
Material grain size: 0…22/37mm or 0..15 mm (FLAT Screendeck)Conveyor, fine grain
Steel substructure
Exchange screen decks


The SPLITTER CONTAINER UNIT’S ability to process both dry and wet material make it ideal for dealing with sweepings of any form.

Material from Vacuum Trucks

Material from Vacuum Trucks

The SPLITTER CONTAINER UNIT is perfect for the screening of material from vacuum trucks due to it’s space efficiency and it’s cost effectiveness, making it ideal for reducing costs of civil work.

Septage Receiving Station

Septage Receiving Station

Allows for the processing of faecal sludge from pit latrines, septic tanks or other onsite sanitation systems.

Metal Scrap

Metal Scrap

The SPLITTER CONTAINER UNIT contributes toward the recycling of scrap metal increasing this processes efficiency and thus effectiveness. In its function as a pre-separator it removes sticky residues and pollutants and produces high quality scrap for the processing industry.

General Features

  • Material input dry and wet possible
  • Self cleaning system, no need of brushes and water
  • High capacity up to 15 m³/h solids
  • No blockage with fibers
  • Lowest cleaning and maintenance efforts
  • Low space and low costs of civil works
  • Optimally usable with various upstream and downstream machines for further processing