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Products - IDROMEC - Shear-Baler T656SLK

Shear-Baler T656SLK

Mobile shear-balers, to adapt to any need! Optional features for this type of single block machine include a semi-trailer and loading boom. You can equip it with lifting brackets or even position it on the ground with no need of an additional frame.Idromec offers the possibility of increasing the speed of movement by adding hydraulic systems showing a great example of the SLK range’s versatility.

Shearing force650 tons
Motor power170 Kw / 230 Cv
Electric motor power2×75 Kw / 2×100 Cv
Weight52-56 tons
Engine Power110-165 kW
Bale Size800mm x 650mm
Box Length 6000mm
Features Available Upon Request
Remote radio control
Preload box
Cutting economiser
Laser for shearing length management
Modem for remote service
Automatic greasing for compacting box
Front cutting blade disassembly
Upgraded hydraulic station
Mobile hinge protection for flat lid side of box cylinders
Sliding sheet for pushing cylinder rod protection for entire stroke
TV camera with monitor in the cabin
Changable Hardox Liner

Productive Capacity

Sheared material production: 12-15 tons/hour
Bales production: 8-12 tons/hour

General Features

Shearing force 650 tons
Guided sheet-holder
Pre-compression scrap box 800×650 mm
Pre-compression scrap box interior in Hardox 400 material
Slide-away box hinges and lids
Customisable PLC + CPU automatic cycle
8” touch screen interface
Automatic head greasing
Pressure transducer work parameters control

Technical Features


I.R.C (Idromec Remote Control): the APP for remote monitoring of production status and performance of


 The designers have developed a network of sensors and software that allow performance monitoring and production progress of the shear baler.


Production of daily/monthly/yearly statistics to make clear choices on work and production organization.


Rapid and effective remote diagnostic test for an easy maintenance to lengthen the life of product.


Simplified reading of hydraulic and electrical installations in replacement of the display contained in the software. Making your shear baler accessible wherever you are.