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Products - IDROMEC - Shear-Baler T1400SL

Shear-Baler T1400SL

Side squeeze shear-balers.When power is the primary requirement!
Suited for heavy use. The direct push of material allows to compress any type of section. The main lid works at more than 90° to obtain great compression even on the upper part of the box, with the aid of a single block shearing head from 800 to 1400 tonne.

Shearing force1400 tonnes
Motor powernot available
Electric motor power6×90 Kw / 6×125 CV
Weight350 tonnes

Productive Capacity

sheared material production 35-40 tons/hour
bales production 30-35 tons/hour

General Features

Shearing force 1400 tons
Guided sheet-holder
Pre-compression scrap box 1400×900 mm
Side-compression box
Pre-compression scrap box interior in Hardox 400 material
Slide-away box lid hinge
Customizable PLC + CPU automatic cycle
Touch screen interface
Automatic head greasing
Pressure transducer work parameters control
Cabin with ergonomic seat and electric joystick controls
Preload box
Front cutting blade disassembly
Sliding sheet for pushing cylinder rod protection for entire stroke