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Products - BLENDPLANT - Screw Augers Systems

Blendplant Screw Auger Systems

Blendplant Screw Auger systems can be designed and supplied either fixed or self-assembling types for mobile and static Blendplants.

Folding mechanism of the discharging screw, therefore no need to remove the screw from the silo for transport.

  • Automatic coupler of two auger lengths.
  • Hydraulic system for displacement.
  • Protective cover for augers.
  • Inspection hatches for the screw’s
ProductScrew Augers Systems
LengthHorizontal extraction screw up to 6700 mm
Width Ø160mm with various lengths
Height Up to 4000mm
Engine gear motor
Power 7.5 Kw
Discharge rate27 T/H (density 1,13 kg/m³)