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Products - DOYLENVIRO - S-1005

S-1005 Flat Deck

The S-1005 is the perfect mobile vibrating deck screen. Compact in size, low in cost, heavy duty by design.
A versatile, Multi-product screening solution which is easy to tow and simple to use. With a multitude of applications varying from hardcore to top-soil, the doylenviro S-1005 is second to none in terms of both versatility and durability. This coupled with the S-1005’s ease of maneuverability means there is no job this screen cannot do or get too.

Specifications S-1005
Weight4 Tonne
Width2.27m / 7.5ft
Height3m / 9.8ft
Length 6 m / 20 ft
Belt Width1.2m
Stock pile2.7m
Output70 tonnes per hour
Key Features S-1005
Engine power 27hp
Weight4.3 tonne
Screen Box10m x 5m
Belt Width1.2m
Aux port for second conveyorYes
Screen Size
Wide range of screen sizes available