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Products - IDROMEC - Baler RB5000

RB 5000

Towable balers with Tabarelli’s boom. Fast, reliable and independent! The width of the box allows it to press all types of car bodies and scrap metal. This feature is what defines the RB series of Balers along with its ease of maneuverability which has led to the ever growing popularity of the RB series.

The RB5000 is the most portable baler on the market. This rugged machine was designed to exact specifications to be easily transported and is the ideal machine for scrap yards and transfer stations that are looking for premium quality, high productivity, and reliability.

ProductRB5000 Baler
Baling force140 tonnes ( two opposing cylinders)
Engine power130 Kw / 175 Cv
Trailer3 axel
Weight31 tonnes
Bale Size1000mm x 600mm
Box Length 5000mm - 6000mm
Options available upon request
Customisable PLC + CPU automatic cycle
Remote radio control
Diesel Power Unit
Attached Crane with Cabin
Semi Mobile with hydraulic legs
Preload box
Modem for remote service
Pressure transducer work parameters control
Automatic greasing for compacting box
Upgraded hydraulic station
Mobile hinge protection for flat lid side of box cylinders
TV camera with monitor in the cabin
Changeable Hardox liner

Productive Capacity

Bales production: 12-16 tonnes/hour

General Features

Bailing force: 140 tonnes
Pre-compression scrap box 1000×600 mm
Pre-compression scrap box interior in Hardox 400 material
Slide-away box hinges and lids
Pressure transducer work parameters control