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Products - MENART - P-145




For the shredding of organic waste such as branches, cut bushes and shrubs, plants, mowed grass, pruning waste, manure, dead leaves, waste from upkeep of flowerbeds, barks etc. at a very high input for making either: – shredded matter – mulch – compost and for shredding palettes and boxes.

Operating principle 

Modular construction mounted on a frame. The machine is mounted on tandem axle, and driven by a powerful Caterpillar diesel engine, with three power drives on offer. One inclined feed hopper with moving floor is mechanically loaded (jib crane, high speed front loader, conveyor, etc.). The moving floor feeds the rotor that pulverises and defibrates the material with its hammers. It can be supplied with an optional conveyor (foldable for travelling) is used to dump the shredded matter into heaps, or directly in a container.

Available in Diesel, Electric, or PTO-tractor

Diesel engine Powerhpup to 350
Electric motor powerkW200
Indicative Tractor power m (PTO rpm)up to 200 (1000)
Max branch diametercm(in)20 (8’’)
Indicative capacitym³/h (yd³/h) up to 200 (260)
Features available upon request
Rear Refining Grid
Rear Discharge Conveyor
Remote Control
Radio Controlled self advance
Iron removal system on rear discharge conveyor