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Mobile Shear Balers

We offer an extensive range of mobile , semi mobile and portable shear balers that vary in box length, hold down force and shearing force.

From the most compact machine with a shearing force of 500 tons to one of the largest with a shearing force of 800 tons the design and working principle remains the same, versatility and productive efficiency.

This is achived through our mobile shear baler ranges durable construction and design ensuring the longevity and durability of this machine. It’s constructed with Idromec’s innovative L-Box shaped design, 11/16th inch abrasion-resistant steel Hardox 450 liner plates, and outer honeycomb construction creating a greater box integrity that withstands the rigors of the scrap industry and keeps you producing longer.

The option for these shear balers to come as diesel or electric is available

The ability to have a shear baler either mobile, semi mobile or portable means they can be transported from site to site or within the same site, allowing you to be spatially aware and set up your shear baler where you need it.

Our shearing production can range from 8 tons per hour to 30 tons per hour, dependent on the machine and the material. We with our dedicated staff will ensure the appropriate shear baler is selected for you dependent on your personal requirements and what you aim to achieve.


Technical DataShear Balers
Engine Power90kW to 270 kW
Shearing Force 500 tonnes to 800 tonnes
Bale Size800mm x 600mm to 850mm x 650mm
Box Length5000mm to 7000mm
Bale Production 7 T/H to 25 T/H
Shearing Production 8 T/H to 30 T/H
Weight38 T to 85 T
Additional Features available upon request
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Technical Features


I.R.C (Idromec Remote Control): the APP for remote monitoring of production status and performance of


 The designers have developed a network of sensors and software that allow performance monitoring and production progress of the shear baler.


Production of daily/monthly/yearly statistics to make clear choices on work and production organization.


Rapid and effective remote diagnostic test for an easy maintenance to lengthen the life of product.


Simplified reading of hydraulic and electrical installations in replacement of the display contained in the software. Making your shear baler accessible wherever you are.