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Based on your individual requirements and goals, we develop a tailor-made solution for your company. Depending on site conditions, the shredding solution can be planned either as a complete system or as separate machine components to meet structural circumstances. Our experienced engineering and sales staff will guide you through the project at any time in order to identify possible sources of error in advance and thus achieve the best possible result.

For the extraction of metal-containing material, you can integrate magnet stations (drum magnet, overband magnet) into the system. The powerful magnetic cores are able to create a high deposition rate of ferrous materials. Non-ferrous metals can be separated from the conveying stream by an eddy current. In this case, many permanent magnets are arranged on a fast-rotating deflection roller, which in turn generates a high-frequency magnetic field. With this, the induced currents in the non-ferrous metals counteract their origin and thus push off these material parts.