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Static Metal Balers

We offer a range of Static Metal Balers that are renowned for their durability and productive efficiency.

The PN series of balers has proven to outweigh, out produce, and outlive other static baler’s in its class with models more than 30-years-old still operating today.

This long-term durability is a result of careful design and construction, including:

  • Sierra’s innovative L-Box shaped design
  • Fortified honeycomb construction
  • The abrasion resistant steel Hardox 450 liner plates that line the loading chamber

These balers have a box length ranging from 1.8 meters to 6 meters dependent on the size of baler required for the customer.

They have a baling force of 95 to 150 tonnes

They operate using a single ram compression against an ejection door to ensure a highly productive and uniform final product can be achieved.

An option for some of these balers to be semi mobile is available.

There is an option for these balers to be electric or diesel dependent on the customers specification.


Technical DataPN Series
Baling force95 to 150 Tonne
Box Length1.8 meters to 6 meters
Engine Power35 kW to 129 kW
Bale Size350mm x 350mm to 650mm x 500mm
Bale Production0.5 T/H -> 15 T/H