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Products - IDROMEC - JMC 5025 Bigfoot

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The universal metal baler that offers more power and more shear force than any other baler in its class!


Developed specifically to meet the needs of the modern metal processor, the JMC 5025 Bigfoot metal baler offers more power and more shear force than any other baler available on the market today.


Cutting edges on three sides of the loading box and lid give the Bigfoot baler the ability to handle oversize materials. The large lid shear force of 76 tonnes coupled with a main ram compression force of 80 tonnes enables the 5025 Bigfoot to efficiently handle a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous material.


The bigfoot is rugged enought to withstand the forces expected from this heavy duty yard baler. The 5025 Bigfoot features long life hard wear plates which line the bale box, a return-line filter to reduce wear and tear on hydraulic components and lid fail-safe mechanism to prevent accidental damage to the main ram rod. All ram rods are hard chrome plated to ensure maximum seal life.


The combined features of the JMC 5025 Bigfoot allow the metal processor to cuccessfully shear and bale material on one piece of equipment. Oversized sheets and sections can be handled with ease, freeing previously occupied labour and machinery and in many cases eliminating the need for expensive cutting equipment.

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Pushing forceMotor powerElectric motor powerWeight
80 tonnot available2×11 Kw / 2×15 Cv5660 Kg

General Features

Model: 5025 bigfoot
Brand: JMC
Blankholder: No
Width of box: 507 mm
Bale size: 507x254xvariable
Door for bale ejection: yes
Shear: No
Preload box: No
Motor type: Electric
Soundproof: No
Automatic cycle: No
Radio remote control: No
Loading arm: No
Roll-off: No
Year: 2013
Working hours: 0
Condition: NEW MACHINE!!! ready for delivery
Price: Call for price and negotiation