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Products - IDROMEC - Inclined shear GS650

Inclined shear GS650

The latest shear in the idromec range focuses on achieving maximum throughput while at the same time maintaining a space conscientious design. With an inclination of up to 10% greater than our competitors and an ability to hydraulically adjust the required cutting length make this inclined shear one of the most versatile, spatially conscious and cost efficient shears out there.

Technical Data
Shearing force650 tonnes
Engine power 6-cylinders 170 Kw – 230 HP – T5
Electric motor power110 Kw – 150 HP
Weight52 tonnes
Features available upon request
Slide material shaker
Sheared material hydraulic ejector
Advantages of an Inclined shear
Hydraulic adjustment of cutting length
Inclination greater than 10% compared to competitors
Road transport and handling inside the warehouse can be done without dismantling or removing any part
Material shaker for anti-wear steel slide
Fully openable side casing panels for easy maintenance
Smart sensors inside the cylinders for the positioning control
4 hinged hydraulic lifting legs with integrated block valves;
High capacity heat exchanger with controlled operation
Engine starter panel with integrated touch screen and Industry 4.0 connection points as standard
Electric box equipped with control touch screen
Diesel tank in a convenient position for refuelling
Eco-friendly latest-generation Cummins engine Tier 5
Secondary control panel and remote control as standard

Productive Capacity

Shearing production: 12-15 tonnes/hour

General Features

Shear throat dimensions: 850×700 mm.
Box width: 2206 mm.
Inclined bottom length: 7000 mm.
Shearing force: 650 ton
Engine power: Diesel 170 KW -230 HP – T5
Hydraulic oil tank capacity: 2000 l
Fuel tank capacity: 250 l
AdBlue tank capacity: 45 l
Oil heater exchanger: 1 x 5 fan
Outriggers: yes
Cutting length hydraulic adjustment: yes
Hydraulic slide extention: yes
Manual operation: yes
Automatic cycle: yes


Technical Features


I.R.C (Idromec Remote Control): the APP for remote monitoring of production status and performance of


 The designers have developed a network of sensors and software that allow performance monitoring and production progress of the shear baler.


Production of daily/monthly/yearly statistics to make clear choices on work and production organization.


Rapid and effective remote diagnostic test for an easy maintenance to lengthen the life of product.


Simplified reading of hydraulic and electrical installations in replacement of the display contained in the software. Making your shear baler accessible wherever you are.