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Products - Screenpod - Hydra TFS1400 Tracked

Hydra TFS1400 Tracked 

A tracked floatation separator that separates light material form heavy material using a water filled tank. The light material floats on the water to be removed by a brush conveyor, the heavies will sink underwater and then transfer out along the submerged conveyor into a separate stockpile.

Includes a shaft less-screw at the bottom of the water tank to which transfers to the discharge screw on the side keeping the machine free of unwanted sediment.

Using the simple principal that less dense material will float whilst the heavier ones will sink, the Screenpod flotation separator comprises a water-bath of approximately 4m3 into which the mixed materials are loaded via a top-mounted chute and two opposed conveyor systems. The first conveyor is partially submerged which draws the heavier fraction out of the water-bath and creates an external stockpile at one end of the machine, whilst the other conveyor skims the floating fraction to an external stockpile at the opposite end.

Being tracked provides allows for added flexibility on site or even the potential for moving from site to site. Versatility is at the heart of this design.

Any sludge which then accumulates at the base of the water-bath is conveyed out of the machine by a system of submerged helical screws.

Available in either diesel-hydraulic or electric.

Features and benefits 

  • Steel tub water bath supporting a heavy material belt, a light material belt and a feed chute with optional screen box complete with fines removal conveyor. Approximately 4 cubic meters of water in full tank. Water level automatically controlled with a ¾“ float valve. Two doors on the back and 2 on the side of the tub for access and cleaning.
  • Heavy material conveyor belt removes heavy material that sinks to the bottom and is then carried out on the belt settling onto a stockpile. Brush drum cleaner at head drum of conveyor driven by belt and pulleys from head drum shaft.
  • Light material brush conveyor the removes light material floating on the water.
  • Shaftless screw in bottom of tank to remove sediment and transfer it to the discharge screw.
  • Discharge shaftless screw conveyor to take sediment from the screw in the bottom of the tank.
  • Hardox lined feed chute for material to be fed into from a customer conveyor.
  • 7 x 4 ft vibrating screen box with discharge conveyor to remove fines. End portion of screen box has a vac chute positioned to remove light material as it exits the screen box. Height adjustable Airvac chute. (optional add-ons)
  • Available in either diesel-hydraulic or electric.
Length 8.499m
Height 3.940m
Weight11,600 kg
Feed Height3.186m
Heavy Material Conveyor TFS1400 Hydra
Belt Width 1400mm
Belt SpecHeavy duty chevron
Motor 7.5kW helical bevel gear motor
Drive drum max speed36 rpm
Stockpile height 3.639m
Light Material Conveyor TFS1400 Hydra
Belt width 1600mm
Belt Length 4.759m
Belt SpecHeavy Duty plain
Motor 3kW helical bevel gear motor
Drive drum max speed37 rpm
Stockpile Height2.889m
ScrewsTFS1400 Hydra
Water tank screw type Single shaft screw
Water tank screw length 2m
Discharge screw type Single shaft trough screw
Discharge screw length 3.7 m

Productive Capacity

General Features

Additional & Safety features included

External adjustment points

Full safety guarding for nip point

CE compliant

Full range of adjustable vacuum heads to suit all applications

40kVA Onboard generator