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Products - MENART - H121


  • This model of shredder is specially designed to better meet the ever-increasing demand of organic waste composting professionals for the occasional or regular shredding of medium quantities of green waste.
  • The H121 shredders are available in a semi-mounted version, with a 30 km/h axle and a fixed drawbar. The hammer rotor is driven by an on-board diesel engine, via a hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and belts.
  • A hydraulically driven moving floor feeds a very powerful rotor with 42 interchangeable hammers made of treated steel.
  • Different types of hammers are available: standard, reversible double-edged or tungsten carbide tips.
  • The forward speed of the moving floor can be adjusted at any time by means of a flow regulator.
  • An ejection deflector, the opening of which is adjustable by hydraulic cylinder – allows to control the projections and can be folded down for transport.
  • As an option, a rear conveyor allows ejection at a height of 2m75.
  • Efficiency: from 15 to 60 m3 per hour, depending on the nature and density of the waste.
Diesel engine Powerhp147
Electric motor powerkW75
Indicative Tractor power m (PTO rpm)up to 120 (1000)
Max branch diametercm(in)15 (6’’)
Indicative capacitym³/h (yd³/h) up to 50 (65)

General Features

Accessories available upon request

  • A choice of hammers to suit specific needs
  • Discharge conveyor
  • Remote control
  • Screening grids for finer shredding
  • Automatic centralised lubrication system
  • Organic oils