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Products - MENART - H102


  • H102D model of shredder is designed for occasional or regular shredding of medium quantities of green waste. The shredder is equipped with the “Ménart Control” system which regulates the supply of rotor material to prevent jamming in the rotor.
  • High working capacity
    The feeding hoppers are designed to be loaded by loaders, tractors, cranes, etc. The rotors are large and heavy. Small and medium MENART shredders are ideal for shredding large amounts
    of waste in a short time.
  • Robust & Easy use
  • MENART swinging-hammer shredders can shred any mix of green waste grass, leaves, branches, wood, pallets, construction wood, food scrap , bio-waste, manure etc. It does this with out excessive wear compared to chippers.
  • Versatile use
    The speed of the moving floor is synchronized with the rotation speed of the compacting roll. Slow speed, fine output. High speed, coarse output. The user adjusts the speed according to his needs.
  • Mechanical reliability and robustness.The shredders are protected by several security systems: a no stress system, automatic system for optimum feeding depending on the workload. Engine and rotor transmissions are protected against shocks and overloading, which also reduces maintenance and repair requirements
  • Mobility and all terrain machines
    On roads, on site or in fields, MENART shredders are easily transported.
Diesel engine Powerhp51
Electric motor Power kW37
Indicative Tractor Powerhp (PTO rpm)up to 70(540)
Max Branch diametercm (in)8 (3’’)
Indicative Capacitym³/h (yd³/h)up to 30 (40)