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The latest Willibald series delivers results that until now were thought to have been unattainable. Many different materials can be processed exactly as required, thanks to the unique shredding systems of the EP series. In both their main area of use (namely composting) and the increasingly important biomass application, the Sharks have also become successfully established in the field of biogas substrate treatment. Furthermore, the “Willibald Sharks” are also used successfully for bark and peat processing, as well as for making wood chips from left-over and old wood materials (e.g. pallets) for use in thermal recycling.
On the EP 5500 Shark series, particular emphasis has been placed on the extended rubber conveyor belt. The increased discharge height allows for the optimum use of limited space and also direct loading of container vehicles. The intelligent bend technology incorporated in the rubber discharge belt allows three basic discharge belt positions to be achieved quickly: ·

  • The transport position with a compact total machine length of just 9.98 m
  • The maintenance position with unique access for servicing and maintenance work
  • The working position

In particular, our machine operators and users praise not only the efficiency and easy service accessibility of this series but also its compact design