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The BLENDPLANT E015 powder mixer blender is a  fully automatic machine specifically
designed for continuous blending and mixing with a discharge conveyor.

Applications include Soil Stabilisation to produce Hydraulically Bound Materials (HBM) for trench reinstatements, Recycled Aggregates, Regenerated Asphalt, Cementitious mixtures, Proprietary binders, Cement and Lime and along with water or admixtures if necessary.

The E015 was designed (but not restricted too) with off road applications that traditional mobile blend plants would not get to. The E015 specialises in reaching sites which are inaccessible to larger vehicles,  difficult to reach with standard vehicles because of the terrain and tunnel work. 

By mixing continuously, the BLENDPLANT can produce small or large quantities and remain mixing until running out of materials. Production stops automatically if one of the materials is missing.

The raw materials are in separate compartments, what remains can be reused again. Different recipes allow to produce different qualities of mixes with the same load of material. It is a simple and versatile plant managed by a single operator. The intelligent on-board computer controls the powder and aggregate weighing, water and admixtures dosage. An automatic washing program cleans the mixer and the conveyor belt

CEMENT1.1 m3
H2O550 L
EMULSION+/- 300 L (opt.)
ADDITIVES3x42 L (opt.)
Technical FeatureE015
Recipes Room to store up to 40 different recipes
Total volume deliverable 3.5m3
Fuel Tank100 liters
Total hydraulic system capacity150 liters
Maximum gross weight 5020 kg