Constant Innovation In Action


The directors of ARJES GmbH Willie Doyle and Thomas Hayn overseeing evaluation on various types of waste streams with the next generation of shredder getting ready for launch in 2021.

Innovation is what keeps us thriving … Our Challenge – Our Vision – Our Company – Our Development – Our Strength – Our Statement – Our Promise. You can now read all of this in our brand new interactive ARJES image brochure!

Techno Recycling Technology

We are proud to announce our new range of recycling equipment, specializing  in granulation and separation. We offer complete plant technology which is comprised of a shredder (single shaft or double dependent on the customers specification), a powerful granulation mill which produces homogeneous granules followed by an automatic pneumatic conveyor piping that takes all the Granules to the High Frequency Vibrating Table. As pictured above.

We also offer a range of machines that specialise in:

  • Tyre Recycling
  • Oil Filter Recycling
  • Engine Breaker with vibration table and magnet conveyor this splits down aluminium from ferrous on engine blocks and gear boxes
  • Electric motor splitter to recover the copper windings from motors/alternators
  • Plastic granulation
  • Cable granulation
  • Copper aluminium radiator granulation
  • WEE plants
  • Computer recycling

Doyle Machinery – Metal Recycling Division


Introducing the Doyle Machinery metal recycling division. Not only can we shred metal in various forms, but we now offer total turnkey solutions for any form of metal processing. Whether you want to bale , shear bale , granulate, shred, or seperate we have the right solution for you. Constant innovation is at the forefront of what we do, symbolised by the extremely impressive IDROMEC gravity shear pictured above. Get in touch with us today so we can work together to find the right solution for YOUR business.

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